So, how did this get started???
Like most projects I build, I thought it would just be cool!  (Yea, I'm a bit whacked)

First I got a bunch of parts, bumpers, flippers, switches, lights, displays, etc....
All from old, non-working games.  This is the best way to get a large amount of parts very cheep.

Then I moved on to create the logic boards required to 'run' the game.  I looked around my shop and found an old Atari 800.  Hmmmm... A 6502 CPU.  I thought to my self, PERFECT!!  A little help from Digi-Key, and I found a bunch of other stuff to complete the boards.

Well, I am sorry to say, this started several years ago, and never got completed...
But the logic boards do work! and I have some photos of them.

The boards built were:
        1- CPU board. 6502 CPU, 32Kx8 Ram, 32Kx8 E-prom, 2.45Mhz clock, 555 chip to generate Interrupts.
             (The interrupt was used to update the displays)
        2- Lamp Driver board.  128 addressable outputs, each could drive a 6 Volt, .25A lamp

        3- Coil Driver board.  Could power 8 coils.  Used for drop target reset, etc...

        4- Display Driver board, the displays were Neon and ran on about 190 Volts DC.
            The CPU did all the timing and addressing.

        5- Input board.  64 inputs could be scanned off the play field.

Here is a few photos from my Pinball Project.

Front of CPU board.      (yes, I made this from scratch, drew the tracks in Paint Brush)
Back side of CPU board.
CPU layout
Lamp Driver board  -     This only shows the top board, 64 of the 128 outputs, some of the chips
                                          are lost now do to other projects.
Lamp driver Plans -        This 128 bit ver, was never built.  Hay, it was a lot of drilling!!
First CPU plans -             Built this one, learned alot about trace size!! Opps...
Display driver -                Used this one.
Plans for display driver  - Built, but never tested....
I just wiped this page up, so as I find photos of the rest of the boards, I'll put them here.
I also plan to make some avi files of the working system!