.: My Macines

Fire Power and Star Trek Next Gen.

White Water, F-14, Dr. Who, JP

Stars - Now a working game!!, put $300 into it, and it's now worth about $300! 

Zodiac - old EM game, but has life to it.

Time Warp - Missing many parts, missing the cabinet

.: Old Projects

My "home brew" Pinball back in 93. This web page was made in 1995! 


.: Links

Steve Youngs Resources : pbresource.com
Pinball Repair: pinrepair.com
This Stern MPU Boards: allteksystems.com
Repair kits for PCB's: greatplainselectronics.com
Photos of machines: daina.com
Pin Bits: pinbits.com
Common parts: bayareaamusements.com
Major supplier of parts: marcospecialties.com
Limmited stuff best price: pinballlife.com
Stuff: pbresource.com

Price guide: bostonpinball.biz


.: Current Projects

Photos of Stars

Photos of Zodiac

Photos of Time Warp


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